Free Agent Frenzy In Indy 2014

We are merely a day out from what possibly could be a very busy day in Naptown. So rest up ColtsNation…help is soon on its way! After addressing some in house decisions, Grigson & Co have turned their attention outside of our organization to help bolster a roster that in all honesty…just wasn’t good enough. We know the story of signing a solid veteran Inside Linebacker(D Jackson-Cleveland Browns). There was also much fan approval in the resigning of Boomstick( punter- Pat McAfee). Tendering CB-J Gordy & OLB – C Johnson were also solid moves intended for depth. Now, as negotiations continue between the brass and Vontae Davis we all can only hope Grigson can work some mojo in favor of our cap space. Not only for this season, but beyond as many key players contracts will be lining up at the door awaiting reward in form of big paydays…none bigger than our star quarterback Andrew Luck. As for other in house deals to keep an eye on, Ahmad Bradshaw comes to mind as a possible surprise. When looking at the Colts stable of running backs we must remember Vic Ballard is rehabbing everyday with the mindset of retaining his job alongside last seasons biggest acquisition; Trent Richardson. Richardson was acquired for this seasons’ first round draft pick in a trade with the Cleveland Browns after losing Ballard to Injured Reserve with a torn ACL & MCL. Donald Brown then filled in admirably for Ahmad Bradshaw following his neck injury costed him the remainder of the season following a gutty performance in San Francisco. Take into consideration the play of Brown this past season came on the heels of his contract year. He played with purpose…and that purpose was to get paid. Mission accomplished Donald Brown! He will not be tendered, giving him the opportunity to test free agency to find his market value. This leaves us with two capable backs in Ballard & Richardson. The third back we will sign will be strictly economical! Bradshaw and his agent have been in contract talks with Grigson following a season of disappointment in Bradshaws’ corner. He should come ALOT CHEAPER than Donald Brown, this making for an easy move for Grigson. This will give us not only three backs, but experienced backs within the system. Look for Richardson to come out as the lead back in this mix as he develops this off-season becoming more familiar within the offense. Onto the battlefront…the Offensive Line. We seem set at tackle after last year’s signing; Gosder Cherilus. He played well enough on the right side as Anthony Castanzo held down Lucks’ blindside. One possible move at tackle could be one of adding depth, enter Jonathon Martin. The former bullied Dolphin played with Luck, Fleener, Whalen, and OC Pep Hamilton. This move would make sense as it could help kick start Martins’ career as he develops and competes for his spot on an underachieving line. This would improve our line and could prove brilliant if Grigson has the courage to pay another free agent linemen. This would come after the above mentioned Cherilus signing along with starting OG  D Thomas in 2013. The season was not as productive for Thomas as he was another player lost to season ending Injured Reserve. This forced Hugh Thorton(rookie-University of Illinois) into a starting role on the interior alongside quite possibly the worst center in the NFL- Samson Satele. Mike McGlynn played the other offensive guard position along with Joe Reitz, and Jeff Linkenbach. Of the latter three I expect Reitz to be the player of greater interest when Grigson finalizes the building of the MONSTER! Finally, we see our organization recognize weakness and cut ties with center- Samson Satele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Satele was one of Grigsons’ first free agent signing in 01&2. Face it, this move DID NOT WORK!!!! IN ORDER FOR US TO MAKE THE CHAMPIONSHIP JUMP , WE MUST SPEND BIG MONEY in the trenches. Therare a couple good centers and guards in free agency and coming 2014 DRAFT. :THE LAST DECISIONS TO BE MADE WILL BE 1.) Do we resign Bethea? 2.)Do we replace Bethea with Jairus Byrd(Buffalo) or TJ ŕBrowns) ? 3.) Would it be better long-term cap space wise to sign Reggies eventual replacement with *Free Agency* A.) Eric Decker(Broncos)  B.) Hakeem Nicks(Giants)  *or through The Draft*????  Regardless whichever                                                                                                                                                                         path Grigson & Pagano choose##we must all remain patient##GoHorse


Indianapolis Colts get behind their Young & Fearless leader Andrew Luck as he goes ‘SuperManning’ into the endzone during last weeks playoff comeback vs KC @ The Luke.

Indianapolis Colts get behind their Young & Fearless leader Andrew Luck as he goes ‘SuperManning’ into the endzone during last weeks playoff comeback vs KC @ The Luke..

No Respect/No Problem

560277_10150601266936461_1180064262_nIs it any surprise ColtsNation that the media coverage during this postseason is once again incredibly one sided?  It seems as if nothing the Indianapolis Colts have done will ever be good enough for all of these important and ever so knowledgeable anchors or analysts in the sports media world.  It’s as if they remain unmoved on the stance taken last season when the majority voiced their admiration for young quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson as superior players over Andrew Luck. This came off as continuous low blows being hurled at Colts owner Jim Irsay and the entire Indianapolis Colts organization. How else can we make any sense of the continued efforts by the sports media world to discredit the Colts numerous accomplishments and unseen ascension to the top of the NFL contender list in only two short seasons? With the 2nd season still being played out as the Colts prepare this week for their AFC DIVISIONAL matchup vs New England in Foxboro. It is no secret that in many social circles, sports media included…that many opinions of Jim Irsay are not very high.  Many see Mr Irsay as the golden boy born into the family business and given a silver spoon. Some may say that Mr Irsay believes he was not only born on third base, but includes the notion that he thinks he hit a triple. So far from the truth!!!!! Those who know Jim would contend that he is a people’s person and a player’s owner. He worked his way up and through every level of the organization he now owns and in doing so appreciates each and every member of one of the classiest organizations in the NFL.  Sure there were decisions that were made that may have been unpopular by most, but Mr Irsay has not shied away from the questions and criticisms in the aftermath of his hardest decision to date; releasing the face of not only the team but also the city of Indianapolis in Peyton Manning.  This decision has brought a avalanche of change yes .. but is continued ridicule and disrespect warranted in light of this organizations newfound direction of success? I think not…with the leadership of Head Coach Chuck Pagano dispensing resolve and belief in the brotherhood of The Shoe, this Indianapolis Colts team is one of destiny!!!! For All the Haters in sports media, keep feeding the fire. This team expects nothing less…No Respect/No Problem!!!!! We are #COLTSNATION!!!! We are #COLTSTRONG!!!! GO HORSE